“The Nutjob” sics L.A. law firm on Henry Makow


(Note:  I had to refer to Jeff as “the Nutjob” on this page as Jeff’s legal team had just convinced my webhost that Jeff had copyrighted his name (one cannot copyright one’s name…), and so I had to remove all incidences of Jeff’s name from my webpage.  I decided to replace his name instead…  I now have a new webhost.  My original webhost was Midphase, they are the ones who told me Jeff’s name was copyrighted and I had to remove it.  I left Midphase.)

(Update:  Nov. 5, 2013.  Jeff spent a total of $55,000 on his fancy L.A. legal team, but never succeeded in shutting down my website.  I did later shut it down when one of his associates, an ex-felon, began making terrifying threats.)

As you can see from my own website, “the Nutjob’s” Los Angeles based law firm has been quite successful at keeping negative information about “the Nutjob” from being published on the internet.  No matter how truthful the information is, and how much documentation there is to back it up.

This law firm has succeeded in shutting down my youtube videos, my facebook page, and forced me to remove pages from this website.

This is from a man who is a champion of “Free Speech” – well, so long as it is on his OWN website!  Where he has on numerous occasions threatened to publish insanely false slander about me (and in fact already has), and has most certainly published plenty of defamatory and libelous articles about Henry Makow!

Unfortunately, Makow and I are not as wealthy as “the Nutjob” is, and cannot afford our own fancy Los Angeles based legal team!

This man is trying to forbid anyone from using their rights of  “Free Speech” if it means outing the truth about “the Nutjob”…

“the Nutjob”‘s legal team (who has also famously represented Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh) has now set its sights on Henry Makow’s webhost.  Fortunately, his webhost is not as cowardly as is mine.  They are challenging”the Nutjob’s” lawyers’ threatening letters.

I, and others, received such threatening letters, and ignored them.  As we knew we had committed no crime.  My webhost immediately succumbed to fear, and forbid me from publishing police reports, marriage license, etc.  unless I could produce a court order declaring that they were not libel!

Pretty crazy, huh?

Makow’s webhost is fighting back.  Here are the emails exchanged between law firm, webhost, and Makow:

[Update, June 6, 2012:  Makow’s webhost has not succumbed to the lawyer’s pressure.  His webpages are all still online.]

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Customer Service – PlusPlus Internet Solutions LLC <cs@plusplushosting.net>
Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 5:20 PM
Subject: Fwd: RE: Contact Form: Retraction Demand for Henrymakow.com
To: hmakow@gmail.com


Below is the main letter and some conversation with her.


——– Original Message ——–
Subject:        RE: Contact Form: Retraction Demand for Henrymakow.com
Date:   Wed, 23 May 2012 14:43:50 -0700
From:   Kathleen Johnson <Kjohnson@gpfoxlaw.com>
To:     cs@plusplushosting.net <cs@plusplushosting.net>
CC:     “the Nutjob

Sure!  Thank you so much for your help.  The direct article links are so numerous, it is easiest if you go to henrymakow.com and search “xxxx xxxxx” in the upper left corner.  Please see the following examples:











—–Original Message—–
From: Customer Service – PlusPlus Internet Solutions LLC [mailto:cs@plusplushosting.net]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:37 PM
To: Kathleen Johnson
Subject: Re: Contact Form: Retraction Demand for Henrymakow.com

Also please could you point us to the direct article link?

Thank you!

On 23/05/2012 03:48 p.m., Kathleen Johnson wrote:
PlusPlus Internet Solutions LLC<http://www.plusplushosting.net>

May 23, 2012

PlusPlus Internet Solutions LLC
Silverside Rd. Ste 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

Re: Demand for Retraction of Content Published Via

To Whom It May Concern:

This office, and the undersigned, has been retained to represent the
interests of “the Nutjob“. “The Nutjob” has attempted to contact you
regarding the abusive and offensive nature of the content published on
the website at http://www.henrymakow.com/, a website hosted by your
company. Additional complaints have been made regarding the
unauthorized redirection of visitors of the website
xxxxxxxxxxx to http://www.henrymakow.com/.

Continued failure to take meaningful action in response to these
complaints violates relevant provisions of the California Code of
Civil Procedure. Accordingly, please allow this letter to serve as
notice that “the Nutjob” considers all content published via the website
found at http://www.henrymakow.com/ commenting on or relating to,
discussing, involving, showing, describing, concerning, analyzing, or
evaluating his person in any way to be libelous in nature and in
breach of the copyright he holds in his own name. California Code of
Civil Procedure §45 defines “libel” as follows:

[A] a false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing,
picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye, which
exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, or which
causes him to be shunned or avoided, or which has a tendency to injure
him in his occupation.

(See also, C.C.P. §48a; see Condit v. National Enquirer, Inc., 248 F.
Supp. 2d 945, 955, (E.D. Cal. 2002), order entered Condit v. National
Enquirer, Inc., 2002 WL 31996127 (E.D. Cal. 2002) [tabloid publication
which included defamatory statements on its website had time to
ascertain the truth of the allegations before publishing]; Condit v.
Dunne, 317 F. Supp. 2d 344 (S.D. N.Y. 2004) (applying California law)
[finding statements were not protected by the First Amendment simply
because they appeared in a gossip column, ruling that while the
context of allegedly defamatory statements influenced the impact of
the statements on the audience, no context gave free reign to a
commentator to publish false facts as if they were true]; Del Junco v.
Hufnagel, 150 Cal. App. 4th 789, 60 Cal. Rptr. 3d 22 (2d Dist. 2007)
[false statements regarding plaintiff physician’s medical training and
education in counterfeit web site operated by defendant damaged
plaintiff’s professional reputation and were actionable statements of
fact for purposes of defamation lawsuit].)

Your attention is drawn in particular to any material connected with,
commenting on or relating to, discussing, involving, showing,
describing, concerning, analyzing, or evaluating any and all all
commentary, speculation, and allegations regarding:

• “the Nutjob‘s” past and present marriages, divorces, and any other
romantic and/or sexual relationships;

• “the Nutjob‘s” financial solvency and/or debt, the amount and
disposition of the income he derives from his radio show, advertising,
and other business ventures, and the amount and disposition of
charitable donations raised by “the Nutjob“;

• “the Nutjob‘s” purported mental, physical, and/or emotional condition,
and any informal or formal diagnoses of any illness, disorder, or

• Any verbal or physical abuse purportedly committed by “the Nutjob“,
including alleged threats or duress imposed by “the Nutjob“, as well as
the nature of moral and/or spiritual values held by “the Nutjob“.

Examples of such material found on http://www.henrymakow.com/ include,
but are not limited to :

• “No one has the right to hold our movement hostage, especially not
someone with US Secret Service connections.”

• “Instead, [“the Nutjob“] dumped me and [said] ‘…you are acting like an arch
Zionist now. Maybe you always were.’ ”

• “[“the Nutjob” is] Insane.”

• “Larry Sinclair, the man who claims he had sex with Barack Obama,
was cracking under the pressure. He called “the Nutjob” and told him he had
swallowed enough pills to commit suicide. To his credit, “the Nutjob” kept him
on the line and then had the call traced. Sinclair was found and taken
to the hospital where he recovered.”

• “During his dust-up with Mark Glenn, “the Nutjob” threatened to call the
FBI and charge Glenn with harassment. Seems to me, “the Nutjob” is
entirely too friendly with law enforcement.”

• “Despite making in excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and
businesses, twice a year he duns his readers for “donations.” If we
are going to expose others, we had better be prepared to look honestly
at ourselves.”

• “These “donation drives” bring in an estimated $20K annually.”

• “How is “the Nutjob” any different from a Christian evangelist who
scams his flock?”

• “I have since learned that “the Nutjob” is not what he seems. Behind
the dulcet tones and angst about the world, he is a smooth talking
salesman using our fading freedom as a means to get rich and amass a
collection of luxury items he can hardly afford.”

As such, a formal demand is hereby made that you cease to host the
website found at http://www.henrymakow.com/ and, to the extent
possible, retract or delete any of the content found therein by May
18, 2012. Alternately, you may immediately publish a correction
statement with a full and complete, unqualified apology on all
Internet areas containing the defamatory content. The correction
statement and apology is to be printed in at least the same size type
and appear of at least equal prominence as the defamation complained
of. In the event you choose to ignore this demand, both general and
punitive or special damages will be claimed in any civil action
against you.


Kathleen C. Johnson, Esq

Copyright  2012 by Melinda Jane Kellogg;  All Rights Reserved

  2 Responses to ““The Nutjob” sics L.A. law firm on Henry Makow”

  1. Melinda, Rense’ s threats of lawsuits only confirm what both you and Makow had been saying all along about this deceptive exploitative man. I wish there’s some way for you and Rense’s 8 other ex-wives and countless girl-friends to join together in a class-action lawsuit against him — for mental cruelty and financial fraud.

  2. Melinda,

    Just came across this pdf showing Rense had also threatened to sue his former TV employer Patty Smullin: http://www.cassiopaea.com/images/Rense_vs_Smullin001.pdf

    This explains why, for a public figure, one could find almost no information of Jeff Rense, despite his claims of being an “award winning” longtime journalist. Thankfully, with the investigations by you, Henry Makow, and the well-sourced http://jeffrense.org/, we now do have information on this bully.