Why I have a website completely documenting my life


In 2012, I came out publicly, but anonymously, with my story about my abusive marriage to radio host Jeff Rense.

Jeff Rense’s Seventh Ex-Wife Speaks Out (Part 1)

I then tracked down Suezan Hill, Jeff Rense’s 3rd wife and asked if she would publish her story, she said she would be happy to do so.  I contacted her through facebook on April 4, 2012; the first installment of her story was published April 11th:

“I know Jeff Rense as a Predator” – Ex-Wife #3

At this point, Jeff retaliated by having his close business associates buy up urls of my name: melindakellogg.com, melindakellogg.info, melindakellogg.org, and others and filling them with grotesque defamation and libel.  (Update:  Nov. 4, 2013 – I now have control of all of these urls. Unfortunately, there are still others I cannot get removed.)

I was trying to maintain anonymity so that I could apply for a job someday, and Jeff both “outed” me, and defamed me.

This left me no choice but to “out” myself, and fully document my life to disprove the defamation Jeff directed to be published about me.



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