Awards and Honors


UCSB Regents Scholarship awarded 1989 – 1991

UCSB Provost’s Honors Council 1991 – 1993

UCSB Outstanding Senior Award 1993

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship 1996 – 1999

Stemple Prize in Physics, Caltech 2002:

Kip Thorne, one of my oral exam committee members, sends me a congratulatory email.

Information on Kip Thorne can be found here:


Everhart Distinguished Graduate Student Lecture Award, Caltech 2004:

Everhart Selection Letter to Melinda Kellogg.

Department Chair sends  congratulatory email to entire Physics, Math and Astronomy faculty.


Melinda Kellogg In Who’s Who of American Women:  2008 – present

You can also see this confirmed online.


The two Caltech awards can be confirmed online in the 2005 Caltech Commencement booklet, on p. 41 and p. 46 of the brochure.


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