Big Stone Gap, VA


This is the “infamous” house I lived in during my entire time at UVaWise.  I had driven out from Boston to Big Stone Gap, Virginia in one day.  Bought the house and got a mortgage in one day.  Then drove back to Boston the third day.  It was during that drive back that I got a speeding ticket as I was trying to shave a few hours off of the 15 hour drive!  This is the house I sold to move to Ashland.  I had paid off 5.5 years of a 15 year mortgage.  The house only cost $59,000, my monthly mortgage payments were just under $400.  Perfect for someone only earning a teaching salary!

The yard was so big that it took me 1.5 hours to mow the lawn (not shown is the huge backyard)!  Behind and beside the house ran the Powell river – so I had no neighbors on two sides of my home.  Also notice the “infamous” car that I also sold to move to Ashland.  Only to find myself a few weeks later homeless, carless, jobless, and income-less.